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Citrus Kush

Gram $12.00 TwoGrams $20.00 Eighth $45.00 Quarter $80.00 Half $150.00 Ounce $275.00 THC: 0%
CBD: 0%

Citrus Kush is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that smells and tastes like a mix of citrus fruits.

Citrus Kush is a fresh and fruity blast for the senses. As the name implies, this indica-dominant hybrid has a deep citrus aroma with darker, muskier tones that support the theory of some Master Kush genetics. The taste follows suit with a sweet and sour mix that will bring to mind a bright bowl of lemons, limes, and oranges. Citrus Kush’s effects will be strong in both the head and body, providing a mood boost that leaves consumers happy (if a little out of it).

Category : Flower
THC : 0%
CBD : 0%

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